Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time with the Little Folks

While we were in PDX we got a good dose of kid time under our belts.

Despite being on the injured list, Uncle Jon played ball like a pro.
The authorities still haven't shut down Stacey's West Linn Underage Pancake Factory, but at least this laborer is a little bit older.
If you listened closely, you could almost hear Miss Ginger's screams of terror..."Dear God, people! Get these tiny hands off me! Help! HEEELLPP!!"
Despite my teasing, both kids were very respectful of Miss G. Highly attentive of her every move, but very gentle with her. She is 374 years old, after all.
Aunt Amy's nail salon was even open briefly.
"Tiny Tim" even let me hold onto him at Rainier Days. Of course it was like 50 degrees, so the extra warmth didn't hurt. :)


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