Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Weiser Parade!

So we took last Saturday and were off to Weiser for our first National Old-Time Fiddlers' Contest and Festival! First stop: The parade! You KNOW I loves me a parade.

Here are the National Old Time 'Twiddlers' Non-Precision Thumb-Twiddling Team.

Did you know I am a thumb twiddler? Sweet sister always points it out. I don't even realize I'm doing it!
The Weiser "Shcool" Dist. 431 representin'. I'm considering submitting this to
When I was in the 8th grade my friend Stacey and her family took me to the West Shrine football game in Baker. We rode over in their big black Bronco. We found a wallet full of money. We ate blueberry Belgian waffles with whipped cream at the motel restaurant for every meal. We got new hats. We had the best time ever.

That was the summer I went from parting my hair in the middle to the side. And I've never looked back.

Those sweet young Boy Scouts passed out delicious Otter Pops. Rarely does my husband indulge in "street food," but it was pretty hot out.
A baby pygmy goat on the 4-H float!! SOOOOO cute!!
Now there's a little slice of Americana for ya.


Anonymous said...

Omigod Amy! That truly was one of the funnest childhood memories for me. We swam at the pool, ate lots of ice from the ice machine, the list goes on and on! I remember you parting your hair too!!! Hah!!! So fun!

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