Thursday, July 9, 2009

Independence Day, Birthday, and Great Cardboard Boat Regatta!

In the continuing vein of holiday birthdays in the fam, we were off to Longview to celebrate my mother-in-law's 65th!

First on the list: foolishly bring no money at all to the festivities. Next: shamelessly bum twenty bucks off your father-in-law. Thankfully, dads always have a big wad of cash on 'em. Finally, spend your windfall on the world's smallest shave ice!
The birthday girl!
And the great cardboard boat! The in-laws and their crack team of cardboard engineers spent weeks crafting the "S.S. Social Security." While their time wasn't finals-worthy, they did received an honorable mention for the spirit award!
The part of Uncle Sam was played by nephew Oliver, who drummed a cadence that kept the rowers in sync.

After a little parade watching, nephew Louis indulged in the festival's elephant ear offering.
The captain and part of her crew even made the paper the next day!


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