Thursday, September 17, 2009

Everyone Gets a Job in Operation: Tuna Preservation

Our master tuna canner managed the entire process, and began by outlining the fine details of hacking up the beast.

OK, we were lucky to just show up and get down to business. Mom and Dad did the hard work of going down to the docks and ferretting out the fish, hauling it home, and preparing it for us.
Space took on the responsibility of cutting up the filets o' fish.
Sister did some cutting, but really focused her talents on jar stuffing. With a little help from Taline.
I had the MOST important job -- cleaning the fish from the rim of the jar and making sure it was free of nicks.
Taline was a great help with my other job, adding a wee bit o' salt to each jar.

Dad did lots of behind-the-scenes work, and did an excellent job of watching the canners.


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