Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Off to the Beach!

After we finished canning the tuna, we decided to head to the beach proper...to cool off with a dip in the water...maybe work on our tans...


Do you remember the awesome Henry Weinhard's TV ads where the two guys sitting on the beach in the driving wind and sideways rain drinking beer and "watchin' hotties" on the Oregon coast, and then the camera flashes on two shapes obscured by the rain, yet wearing yellow rain slickers. "Check out the body on her friend..."


Despite rain and cold, the sun did come out. And it was beautiful.

Taline didn't want to take off her boots and wade into the water, but seemed to have fun playing on the beach.
It was even windy and cold at Nehalem Bay, where sometimes it's more protected and even calm.
We decided to not venture out to the end of the pier, which was swaying and bouncing, and would likely have tossed Taline out to the crabs!


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