Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh my Ducks. :{

Well, my Ducks might have had a rather sad showing at the big BSU game, but we had fun at the tailgate event, which welcomed 400 Duck supporters! I have driven by BSU games [the stadium is about 2 miles from our house] but I have never seen anything like the fever pitch that occurred at this event.

But... I mean... really... BSU Coach Peterson WAS a coach for Oregon from 1995 to 2000. AND for the PSU Vikings [my sweet husband's alma mater] in '93 and '94... So.... Really... ;)

A sea of green and yellow. :)
My handsome date looked a bit like an assistance coach. I told him to tell folks he was the special teams coach. ;) Tho that person wouldn't likely be drinking beer at the alumni event...
[Former] Coach Belotti offering a rah-rah speech.
AND my night was a success! My only real goal was getting my pic taken with the Duck!


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