Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shoulder Surgery...Warning: Pics of Guts Follow!

Way back during softball season, my sweet husband was playing outfield and threw all the way into home. He got the out. It was awesome.

'Cept he tore a ligament in his shoulder. A re-injury from Navy days, actually.

Through the wonders of technology, here are amazing pics of my husband's insides.

You might have though it was all the jewelry he's bestowed on me. Nope. I married him for his stunning ribcage.

In preparation for the big event, we secured a truckload of pharmaceuticals. Apparently this is an extremely painful surgery to recover from, and only recently were patients not kept overnight on a morphine drip.

The nice doctor took about 48 pictures of the process, from start to finish. Here's the actual injury...a "bucket handle tear." Not sure what that means, but that's a pretty good tear.

The doctor cut the ligament, and then like his shoulder was a big fishing fly, he used fancy purple thread and tied it in place!
Holes on both sides, but looks like the artwork will remain unmarred... if maybe like someone was shooting at it.
Take one wiener dog and call me in the morning. OK, and a couple oxycontins and some valium.
I don't know specifically what this one is, but it's such a pretty shot. When I told the doctor that he looked at me like I was a lunatic.
Back to doing my best Nurse Ratched.


tibs said...

I find it difficult to suppress my jealousy at seeing all those happy little bottles lined up in a row.

Don't call the Betty Ford Center on me.

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