Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Frightening Little Children

When we were little we LOOOOOVED playing dress up. Once, when we lived in LaGrande, sister and I (ages 6 and 4) were all dressed up and were so dang cute we were photographed on the street in our neighborhood by the LaGrande Observer.

I'm wearing a red satin tutu. Sister's wearing a hot pink half-shirt with fringe on the bottom.

Our newspaper debut.
Mom graciously collected a bunch of dress-up clothes for Taline.

As there was no one her age to play dress up with her, we begrudgingly picked out a few things...just to make her feel more comfortable.

OK, not really. We rooted through that bag of wigs and tulle like we were looking for money. We might have even scared Taline a little in our dress-up fervor.

But after all that, she didn't want to come and be presented to "Living Room Society."

So, we took off our get-ups and returned to our evening. BUT WAIT! Taline decided she might want to play!
So we feverishly dressed again, hoping our wee comrade might be compelled to join in!
But in the end, mostly her Mom, Aunt Amy and Auntie Poo wearing pumpkin wigs and boas and squealing like stuck pigs was a little much for her.
We did it for Taline....REALLY. ;)


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