Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am a Genius!

OK, post-graduate degrees aside, I have done the unthinkable! Me! No-green-thumb-havin', can't keep houseplants alive me! I made...wait for it....GRAPE JELLY!
We grew these grapes at our own little chicken ranch!! They are wine grapes, I think, so slightly smaller than the kind you might acquire at the grocery. OK, by "grew" I mostly mean we haven't killed the vines yet, but that's probably purely accidental. My husband did do a great job of watering them semi-regularly.
I used a potato masher to squash the juice from them...
...then hung the remaining pulp in cheesecloth until all the juice that was to be had...was had... (thanks for the guidance, Mom!). Such a pretty green!
But there's a reason you don't see green grape jelly, I think...mostly it turns brown pretty quickly. So I added maybe just a touch too much green food coloring. ;) But its super delicious! Hooray for grape jelly! Three cheers for this amazing substance they call "pectin."

I was pleased this fellow didn't sneak into the house on the green grapes, I might not have seen him!
All the better to see the grape jelly with, my dear...


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