Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Tour 2010: Willie!

The final show of our Summer Tour 2010: Seven Bands in 11 Days!extravaganza: Willie! This was my 8th or 9th Willie show, but he still doesn't disappoint, even at 77.
Plus, I love that the show was at "Outlaw Field." Hee hee! Willie's my fave outlaw!
We thought it might be chilly, but it stayed warm longer than anticipated.
I thought the opener gave a good performance too...Ryan Bingham, the fellow whose big hit is the theme to Crazy Heart... But he didn't even do that song!
Willie played for over 2 hours. I could have used a more substantial encore, but I understand bedtime sneaks up on all of us. ;) And with that, we bid our summer tour, and frankly, summer altogether, a fond adieu!


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