Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Tour 2010: John Mayer & Keith Urban

In an attempt to suck the last few minutes out of a summer that I only got half of anyway, we are participating in Summer Tour 2010: Seven Bands in 11 Days! ST2010 was invented! So don't try to find a website for it. ;) First up: a whirlwind, relatively last-minute trip to the gorge to see Keith Urban and John Mayer, and opener the Avett Brothers, a first viewing of all three.
We got up early to drop Miss G at the doggie spa, and in heading out to load the car spied this fat mama quail and baby quail kickin' it on our front step! If she wasn't with her baby I might have had to snatch her up and made quail fricassee. Quails is tasty.
Gotta love Eastern Oregon. Fill your tag and then stop by Shari's for some pancakes.
Ah, the fantastic Gorge Amphitheater.
Panorama of the venue taken from my spot of grass. Click for full effect. SUCH an amazing view.
Despite 18,000 people in attendance, we were able to meet up with and sit with friends from Boise!
The gem of the weekend ended up being both the performance by the opening band, the Avett Brothers, and then spying them picking up a few groceries in the Pasco Safeway! On the way home the Cooper sustained a hole in her radiator, but transported us safely home regardless! Loved the shined-up tank on this truck!


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