Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Tour 2010: DMB!

Next up, Dave Matthews' first visit to Boise since 1998. The venue is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from my work, so we walked! A nicer commute than the one-road-in, one-road-out country road with 18,000 people on it on their way to the Gorge Amphitheater. ;)
It was particularly awesome to not only see this sobering sign (1989 the year I graduated high school), but also to have two separate encounters at ID checkstations. The first cop said he didn't need to check our IDs, we were CLEARLY of age... ;) and the second looked at my wristband and me and offered: "They IDed YOU? FOR A BOTTLE OF WATER?"
I don't know this guy, but he was psyched for the show, and helped me offer a shout out to my Kansas City peeps, who were with us at our last DMB show in Vegas. Missed you guys!
Neither of us were fans of the DMB opener, Alberta Cross. Apparently Ben Harper couldn't be bothered with the show in Boise, despite opening most other shows on the tour. I had a fun time chatting with the young farm couple from Vale, Oregon, sitting next to us. The only other concert of note they had ever attended was the Beyonce Experience in 2007... Their first date! :)
While waiting for the show to start, my husband and I discussed the question, if Dave came out and only did one song, which would you request? I had to go with "Cornbread." Given their extensive library, that they actually then performed Cornbread was kinda crazyawesome. At the end of the song I whispered, "Well, guess we can leave now." NO!!
So we went from actual lighters to cell phone lights to the Zippo app for your smartphone, to the band simply projecting their own lighter graphics onto giant screens...?!? I'm not sure I'm down with this progression, frankly. Nice to see ya, Mister Matthews.


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