Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Draws to an End...

OK, so school is done, and summer is [regretfully] drawing to a close. That means returning our focus to working on the Chicken Ranch. Which we estimate will be wrapped up around...2019. In early spring we had the doors and window installed, but never got back to painting the trim. I can't believe our new neighbor bought the house despite the hillbilly house next door!
I might have been photographing while I was supposed to be painting.
This flower thingy kind of gives me the creeps. But at least one member of our family can stay on task.
OK, two members, if you include my husband's assistant.
I was really pleased with the cobwebby detail on this fellow's antennae.
If a grasshopper can emote, I get the feeling he was quite done with my photographing hijinx.


Marie said...

OMG--COOOOOOOL grasshopper photos!

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