Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume Pieces!

OK my lovelies. As usual, I needed to acquire the pieces and parts for our Halloween costumes. It wasn't easy to find a red/pink/orange dress with long sleeves in my size. I initially bought this very strange costume at a thrift store.
If anyone has any idea what this costume was supposed to be used for, please let me know. The long-sleeve jumper felt clown-like. The tie-on shoe covers felt sorta religious. The cape felt sort devilish. I go no ideas. I originally thought I could cut the legs off and make it into a dress, but it turned out a little TOO short.
So I ended up with this one. Tho as you'll see, it was really 3/4 sleeves. But it was the best I could muster.

It was hard to chop up a perfectly good man's shirt to make my costume, but much easier than trying to make my own collar and sleeves.

My husband's costume base was just a green shirt from Cabelas, but it didn't have the shoulder detail on it, so I ended up cutting up ANOTHER green shirt for his costume. So down two shirts for two costumes. ;)


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