Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Khaki Scout Part II

In addition to Sam's scout badges, he also wears a gold-and-pearl brooch in memory of his mother. Brooches are normally only worn by ladies, but he's made an exception.


The first time through I was watching TV while stitching and accidentally sewed the raccoon on sideways. Oops! I love love love my words-sewing sewing machine. It sews in two fonts!!

Oops, just realized these two are out of order. Hand-crafted yellow silk kerchief with furry knot-accessory?

Check. I've never made a scarf before, it was fun!

Felt pocket raccoon?

Compass and canteen?

Check and check. I rather enjoyed stitching on the yellow piping. If you ever need piping stitched on, I'm your girl!


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