Monday, October 29, 2012

I Live!

sHello sweet visitors! I am alive, I haven't abandoned my beloved blog...I just haven't been doing much that's..."blog-worthy." The summer was set up to be super dull, so the fireman could go without feeling divided. Well it worked! We did almost nothing since partybarging. Well, we did do one thing...we bought a sectional for the upstairs TV room! Yay! Our first ever real furniture bought new. 

But even when you buy something new it's still delivered in a damaged state. But they let us keep it until the second one was shipped.  

So here's our second secctional. Yay! And what my husband is doing here in this picture? Laying on the new leather sectional watching TV? Yeah. We've been doing a LOT of that.

My fireman was in the woods over our anniversary, but we celebrated upon his return. 

And he sent me these. They filled up the front seat of the Cooper!

And he brought me this lovely bauble, all the way from Montana.

AND, he brought this from Montana too. Welcome new White Chicken! There has been some speculation as to whether lady chickens have combs or whatnot, but we have decreed her a lady chicken. Mostly she is a dining room chicken. I think the sectional delivery dudes were a little wigged out by my three stuffed chickens. I like that.


Marie said...

Glad you're back! I've missed your posts. Your boyfriend does such an amazing job with gift giving. The chicken is so you!

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