Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sullen Pre-teen Drama Queen

Two friends who saw Moonrise Kingdom said that upon seeing young Suzy Bishop said to themselves, "Omigosh...that was Amy!" Hee hee! I love it! I really wanted to get a yellow suitcase and a record player too, but there's only so much stuff you can haul around to Halloween parties. Most of you likely know that instead of a yellow suitcase, I carried a black briefcase most of the time. It contained all my spy materials, of course.

Suzy had her binoculars around her neck whenever necessary.
I think in hindsight, I actually needed more smoky eye makeup.

Sam crafts earrings for Suzy out of beetles and fishhooks, then pierces her ears with them. No fishhooks for me, thank you, but I did find these awesome beetle earrings on Etsy!

Backside of beetle earrings... feathers and legs. ;)

Inside Suzy's fishing creel she has a kitten. I think this thrift store Beanie Baby was actually a cougar (named "Canyon" on the tag), but it had whiskers. That's what $2 will buy ya. Lots of folks asked me if the creel was decorative or real. I got it in the Walmart sporting goods department, so i think it was supposed to be the real deal. It's awesome to have a costume with a matching purse (last year was my Pan Am bag)'s excellent for storing all your Halloween party, lip gloss, phone.  I think I will definitely continue to use it as a purse. Happy Halloween!


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