Monday, October 29, 2012

The First Hunt of the Season

Hmm. There's red and orange stuff all over the house, and guns propped around. It must be hunting season!
And my first hunting adventure in NewTruck! Which is almost a year old, so really I should only refer to it as BigGreen.
And...OMIGOSH! Where'd the reservoir go? Where'd they put it?!? 'Member when I drove a boat on the reservoir? Yeah. THAT reservoir. I don't know where it's being kept now.

I didn't skimp on the layers, so was very warm the whole hunt. But felt a little like the Michelin Girl.

We were shocked at how much snow there was just over an hour away.

Dear Mother Nature,
This is just wrong.

Love, the Chicken Ranch.
We searched a good lot of this area, and found some footprints, but no deers.

But it was awesome to hike in the snow, probably around 3 miles.


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