Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lava Hot Springs!

So we found out about this awesome concert opportunity that we couldn't pass up. In Bozeman. On a Wednesday. Huh. Well, probably no salvaging much PTO on that one. Go big or go home. So, impromptu family winter vacation across southern Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming it is! First stop, Lava Hot Springs! I love adventuring in BigGreen.
The Lava facility is really quite lovely. Mid-week, we mostly had it to ourselves. I didn't anticipate that the red fleece hat I wore to keep my steamy noggin warm would end up looking like a swim cap.
My husband is there in the bottom left nook. Snowy and steamy!
Five pools of differing temps. And a chilly shower from the roof run-off!
When we arrived in the dark after work I was psyched we were next door to the Pancake House. The next morning I was super bummed the Pancake House was closed down.
Lava is really pretty remote. Fresh green salad? Lettuce, olives, and pepperoni. Pretty sure pepperoni isn't a vegetable, but do let me know if they changed that.
After two nights of hot-springsing, naps, dilly-dallying, and general loitering, off to Montana!


snorred said...

was the pool open?

amy said...

Nope, at least I don't think so. We didn't dig too deeply on the matter though.

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