Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Love a Parade!

Everyone stand for the color guard please! I learned this important protocol from my grandfather and mother, and always enforce it around me. The semi-crotchety fellow who kept yelling random things like "NO MORE FEMA!" was among the first to stand, which I dug.
Joie de vivre! Frenchification for "the joy of living!" but on first glance, their fancy handwriting made it look to me like it said "Joy of Diving!" Which as a nearly 20-year scuba diver, I can get behind, but seemed a little out of place.
The Colonial Society of Idaho. All four of them.
A militant green army truck and a large local tomato? There is a local organic nursery here whose proprietors have been featured on one of those doomsday preppers shows. Makes perfect sense.
Boise parades have a dearth of high school bands and drill teams, which I love to watch and discuss. The Highlanders had a good showing though. It always seems to me like their socks don't come up far enough, I want to pull them up a wee bit.
BEST SHOWING EVER by the Idaho Korean Association. Korea FINALLY has a national song, which they performed like pros to...Gangnam Style! And they were COMMITTED to their performance, especially the little artist in the black Chuck Taylors. She never broke character once.
This group was Bikers Against Child Abuse. Which promptly forces a conversation about other sorts of abuse that they might not necessarily be against...wife...animal...eardrum...
The Boise Parade has these hilarious banners espousing the amendments to the constitution, carried by upstanding but sometimes highly-influenced teens. A lot of discussion ensued about how it seems like the banner promotes the quartering of soldiers, but in reality it prohibits the forced quartering of soldiers in civilian homes during peacetime. Those are some specifics they left off the banner. Leaving it open for a little more interpretation than we felt comfortable with. Happy Independence Day Parade, Boise!


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