Tuesday, July 9, 2013


My in-laws came to visit! Yay! But due to a strange series of goings-on, we were all a little discombobulated all week. So we didn't end up doing much. At least not many of the things we discussed doing.
So the last Saturday we decided to do SOMETHING. All pile into the truck and head for the reservoir!!
To try out my stand-up paddleboard on the...open (?) water. (As opposed to the pond, where I often paddle.) Carolyn is a natural!!
You know this one was good at SUPing, but i'm guessing that in general, it moved too slowly for him. He likes water sports that move at about 35 miles per hour.
I still brought the Norred Family Fun Island. This floaty toy has served us well for YEARS, and continues to be awesome.
Me? I'm a natural. :)
Plus, relaxation and cheese and crackers on the dock. When I was little and we would go out on Uncle Arnie's boat, my mom would always bring cheese and crackers...and pickles. That's boat food to me, and I just loved it.
I happened upon this hot dude on the dock...
...and got him to carry my paddleboard  back to the truck.
He finally had enough of hauling my gear in flip-flops, and just removed them. Such a dear. And such a fun day!


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