Sunday, July 14, 2013


Time for the annual company golf tournament. I love golfing, but you need to play often in order to be any good at it. This is one of those things that happens when you have been together too long. My husband has had these golf shoes forever. I needed saddle shoes for my last Halloween costume, and found these golf numbers unused at a thrift was only when we pulled them out did I realize they are effectively the same. I this point we usually turn to each other and say together, "We must divorce immediately."
But before that, let's hit the course! We had a bit of difficulty finding our hole (number 6) for the shotgun start, but that just meant we got to drive around in golf carts more. Yay! Boys in one cart, girls in the other.
So much expanse of course ahead of us.
Right out of the chute we were slightly off the course and on the other side of the road. No matter, we played it as it lay.
Eric hadn't played before, but made an awesome showing regardless.
This is my Titleist, and I whacked it a good 100 yard to get it to jam in here at the base of this tree. Not very lucky, considering all the clovers.
Mostly we weren't great this year, and I think we may have actually come in last.
No one was attacked by gooses, so that's a win.
It was fun, albeit, rather hot.
Nice work, Team Marrieds!


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