Sunday, July 14, 2013

Parade Day!

Happy Independence Day! As you know, I love a parade. I am mostly against large groups of dullards congregating and generally hindering the flow of traffic, but I can make an exception for parade day. Shelby decided to join me (as my husband does not love a parade) for a morning of sitting in lawn chairs gabbing, people watching, and dilly-dallying.
Though really, as with most things in Boise, "large groups of people," is kind of subjective. I'm used to the guerilla parade watching of the Portland Rose Parade, where you either have to get up at 4 a.m. or have someone tape you off a spot the evening before. You need to have provisions for about 9 hours of parading, cause once you are downtown, you are stuck there for a while. And you must have access to a reasonable restroom, which comes at a premium. In Boise we showed up an hour before the parade and were mostly the first ones on the street.
The Independence Day get-ups were hilarious! I am generally over the over-glitterization, princessification, and tarting-up of the under-18 crowd -- but OMIGOD A RED-WHITE-AND-BLUE TUTU!!
An adorable fashion sense and a camera just like mine -- a girl after my own heart!
We both liked these matching holiday dresses, but I'm against the pink hat. And these two looked hot and discombobulated most of the morning.
And we sat right across the street from a building we had bathroom access to! Yay! I can get behind this easy, two-hour parade event.


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