Sunday, July 14, 2013

Parade Cars

The parade marshal! Are they not always called the grand marshall? Is that only for the Grand Floral Parade? Anyway, we agreed, this 99-year-old World War II vet (red shirt) didn't look even close to 99!
You can just openly ride go-carts on the street? Huh. Learn something new every day. I thought they were like the old bumper cars in Seaside, where that big metal rod sticking off the back of your seat had to be touching the electrified ceiling, or some such business. Guess not.
Our discussion regarding Ms. Senior here was that this seemed a very age-appropriate convertible in which to ride, but in general, strapless dresses are usually subject to gravity and so rarely flattering, regardless of age.
The adorable convertible Thunderbird, one of my other finalists when I bought the Cooper, but didn't quite make the cut. The young lady in blue was the teen crownholder from Meridian, and we sat next to her very proud family. I'm not sure if adorable camera baby got that thing working in time for her aunt's appearance. Slacker. 
Heheheheh! This wasn't in Boise, it's Dad's sweet new ride in the Manzanita parade, around the same time as the Boise parade. SO! MUCH! FUN!
This made us laugh.Ben Franklin driving a white Camaro, hauling Davy Crockett like a princess, and blaring Aerosmith's "Love in an Elevator." My husband said it sounded a little like the random dream sequence from Happy Gilmore. YES! THAT! The price is WRONG, b!tch!


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