Sunday, November 10, 2013

Not Summer

Yeeee! Not sure why I don't really like bugs, but like photographing them.
In my old age I have been saying that I only observe two seasons: Summer and Not-Summer.  But I suppose I should remedy that to three seasons: Summer, Not-Summer, and Snow. Anyway, a good time to go wander about, see what's up post-summer.
Pengilly's got a new sign. I dig it.
Addie's needs one, I think. At least some fresh paint.
If you have to buy a book on it at Urban Outfitters, I guarantee you aren't doing it right.
Stopped by the record exchange and ran into our local famous musician, gibber jabbering about his Halloween costume.
Nice to see the capitol is intact.
The flower's back at the Women's and Children's Alliance! Some dirtbag kids stole it recently, but after a large media blast of the video of the incident, it was returned. And is now affixed more tightly.
I do love going on walkabout. 


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