Sunday, November 10, 2013

Steampunk Preparty

The day of the event we received a special delivery in the mail! So fancy!
Check out the fancy details on these drink tickets!
The final product!
I was lucky to have the handsomest date at the event.
We both liked steampunk a lot.
I didn't take a lot of great pix of my hair or my wee top hat fascinator, but this do was really easy to put together and to wear. The hat had tiny clips that made the hat stay tightly affixed. $3 in the "new" section of the thrift store.
Then this one showed up! With her fancy ringlets that I covet...
And these steampunkified boots!
Here's a closer look at those fancy goggles. And apparently a paper towel I couldn't bother to move for my photo shoot.
And then we sat around in the drawing room dressed like Victorian harlots and chatting about steam engines and dirigibles and night-vision goggles.
After some steampunk tamale pie prefunk, we were off!


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