Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Halloweekend is Near!

I just love Halloween! As if our creaky old house wasn't a little scary on its own, having a dress form doesn't really help.
Me wandering around in my Morticia wig doesn't help either.
Time to bust open the costume trunk and fire up the sewing machine!
This year Grandma's buttons came in very handy. Oh to have the time to sew that she had. One day. The buttons are protected by my small collection of stuffed wiener dogs. The two on the outside are Beanie Babies, but the dark one on the left was customized in a rather laborious process for me by my husband to look like Mr. Beans. SO sweet.
And then there are wigs and other costume accoutrement just lying around the place.
I love my upstairs studio space. It needs a bit of clean up, but working very nicely.
And the new guest bed makes a good place to stage all our costume pieces. Although mostly it looks like we just left our clothes lying around. AGAIN.


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