Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beer Racists

With a January birthday celebration on the docket, conversation turned to how to best mark the occasion. "Beer tasting" had been kicked around, but the final deets had to be worked out on a brown paper tablecloth over Italian one night.
The theory being that some of us might be beer racists: judging the beers we might like or might not like by their color. It's true, I do it. So we assigned kinds of beers out to attendees, ordered pizza, and turned on the SAG awards for one heck of a birthday celebration.
In order to not be judgy, we needed a lot of opaque tasting cups. Luckily the birthday girl had some tiny owl Dixie cups on hand. I printed out some beer tasting wheels and some score cards upon which to keep notes.
Not to be exclusionary, we also had a ROOT beer tasting for the non-drinking and underage attendees.
It killed me how much they got into it, but given their flair for the dramatic, I guess it shouldn't have. Many of us participated in the root beer tasting, noting differences amounting to more citrus or anise hints in the different offerings.
In the middle of our lineup we had a couple of red herrings, if you will, to throw tasters a curve ball, see if they were paying attention. Though I forgot to throw in one of the O'Douls I had in the garage, we had a Bud Light in there, and also a 40-O of Olde English 800. I included this very technical review on my note card: "I cannot drink this." This attendee was more appreciative of this entry, but something was missing...
 Oh yes, the bag. Hey Jared Leto in a tux!
 And then, pie! Happy birthday, fellow Capricorn!


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