Monday, February 17, 2014

Off to McCall for Girls' Weekend!

An invitation to be one of nine chicks to participate in a girls' weekend in McCall and rent this little "cabin"? Uhh. OK! I'm in!
It was lovely, snow-covered lake and all.
That would be a walk to the boat launch, were it summer.
Such a lovely view. And sitting area.
We deduced the pic over the hearth was the original house. Which looks very uninsulated.
We arrived in three shifts -- one leaving Wyoming (!) in the morning, one leaving Boise at 1:30, and one truckload of folks who worked most of the day, leaving Boise at 4:30 -- and hauled up by me and BigGreen! After arriving, we whipped up some salad (including a can of beets we found in the cabinet), and some amazing chicken spaghetti.
 And after a few cocktails, we moved the furniture and had ourselves a good-old-fashioned dance party!


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