Sunday, February 9, 2014

Off to the Geiser Grand in Baker City!

Remember when they started putting on airs and wanted to return to Baker City from just regular ol' Baker? I DO. But we decided to get out of town and do some visitin' anyhow.
We make the Boise-Portland drive so often, together or individually, but are usually leaving as soon as we can after work and making a beeline for the first house that will take us, usually to mark a holiday or event of some sort. There are a million marketing signs on the way telling you stop at the amazing historic Geiser Grand. Well, we did!
It's just lovely inside, and decorated with so much gorgeous glass.
 Such a large installation!
 Such lovely chandeliers, of all size, including this one in our room.
 But clearly, not everything is updated.
We ate in the restaurant, which was mostly pretty good, if slightly uninspired. This looks like a piece of roast, but its the best whiskey bread pudding you've ever had. Stop in and have some, we heartily recommend it!


Marie said...

Love that hotel!!

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