Monday, February 17, 2014

The Official Champagne of Queen Elizabeth.

Through no planning on either of our parts, we were both up on hours for the week, so off early on V-day. For my birthday my husband got me the official champagne of Queen Elizabeth, which I was not able to enjoy, because I was mostly under the weather for my birthday. But my husband had chilled it by the time I arrived home on Valentine's Day! So sweet! I hope that others who have bride and groom glasses use them often! Ours were a gift from my sweet sister and we use them on special occasions, like our wedding anniversary, our dating anniversary, St. Valentine's Day, royal weddings, the Oscars... ;)
Varigated roses! So sweet! I didn't expect anything at all, but flowers? Such a sweetie.
Wait, chocolates? AND he knows me well enough to know that it would take me MONTHS to go through a pound of chocolates. This one will last me three weeks, and there are all of two missing because I shared with my suitor.
OK. DAMN. Let me get this straight. You went to SEPHORA...and bought me NAIL the red-with-gold-base MARC JACOBS color called "Desire"? SERIOUSLY? Who is this guy? Well, I'm in.
NO! WAY! Garnet and diamond earrings? Are you serious? Garnets are also a sentimental gem, as it is the gemstone my father used to propose to my mother, what with it being both their birthstones. LOVE!
Seriously. He not only negotiated Sephora, but a card quoting Fitzgerald? YES. I'm SUPER in. Hope your Valentine's Day was perfect!!


Marie said...

Just too damn romantic, your man...

Wayne said...

This is a greatt post

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