Monday, February 17, 2014

Exploring Baker City!

Upon hearing my pitch to get outta town for a bit, this fellow's response was "Well, I'll go to Baker with ya, but I don't think its going to be that compelling." He looks pretty compelled, canoodling with the most lovely lady in Baker, sipping coffee at the Lone Pine Cafe, waiting on green eggs and ham (one of his signature orders) and listening to Emmylou on vinyl. We couldn't place her very young voice but didn't want to get up and walk across the room, so tried Shazzaming it. Yeah, that don't work.
This is my fave pic from the weekend. :)
There's a lot of reflecting going on here. I like it.
I look so "mod" in this one.
What was this building originally used for, a prison?
Seems like it might be Boise stone, but maybe not.
When he comes through, Dad loves to stop at Baker City Gold & Silver.
While they weren't open, we were excited they would return. Oh. On Monday. Right.
The Antlers was a really old hotel that didn't sustain. But the sign did.
Tiny guitalele came with us, which was nice. Little songs were played over my head as I napped. The good life, really. I like the Geiser Grand art inside the Geiser Grand.
Out 'splorin', we hit a couple of the brewpubs in town, including the one featuring this fellow, supposedly "the most photographed item in Baker." I don't know about that, but we did take a few pix.
We had a fun time hanging out here.
I gotta get this guy outta town more often!


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