Thursday, May 15, 2008

My New Office!

It seems like we have been working our butts off for the last two weeks, but seem to have very little to show for it...! Last weekend I did successfully set up a new office area for myself! I was originally going to take the "green room" with its own outdoor access, but we have decided instead that that will be our dedicated guest room.

We are 75 percent sure this basement room will eventually (next spring?) morph into the laundry room/master bath/walk-in closet for our downstairs master suite, so I'm not likely going to invest much cash or time into addressing the wall color or exposed concrete flooring. (While it looks like paneling, it's actually outdoor siding painted a nasty olive color. Niiice.) Anyway, it's nice to have a dedicated space to do homework, though because it stays so cool downstairs, it has mostly served as my husband's private nap room. :)


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