Friday, May 30, 2008

Kansas City: Bomber

One of my coworkers competes in a local women's roller derby league, and I received an invite to attend an upcoming match. I hadn't thought about roller derby in a while, but when I did, and having just returned from Kansas City, I was reminded of the cinema masterpiece that is "Kansas City Bomber," a 1972 movie starring Raquel Welch, Jodie Foster, mom.

Yep, you heard me, my mom's big movie moment. OK, maybe starring is a bit strong. She has a cameo role as the waitress who delivers Miss Raquel her wine at dinner. Mom does not offer kind words on Ms. Welch and her behavior. But can I say, Raquel had a recent pic in People, and for 67, she looks stunning. Plus, I didn't realize in the family history that the movie is older than my sweet sister.

I haven't seen this particular piece of work, but I do need to add it to my Netflix queue. The movie received a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actress, and you know how I loves me them movie awards. The movie addresses Raquel's desire to rise to the top of the Portland (Oregon) Loggers roller derby team.

The trailer for this outstanding celluloid event is basically a 2-minute catfight, though you can't see my mom's work in it. The production quality is awesome. And the woman who did Raquel's stunts? Judy Arnold. You can't write this stuff.


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