Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The Wilsons have returned from their month-long float through the Grand Canyon, tanned, thin, and having sustained no injuries! As such, the elders have returned to their home in Longview!

But not before taking us out for a grand (and slightly belated) dinner in honor of...my birthday! Whoo-hoo! BUT, not only did we have a fabulous meal beside the Boise River, IT WAS PROM NIGHT!! I've gone out for Prom night with chicks, and by myself one time a few years back in the little resort town of McCall, Idaho, when on a business trip, but I've never gone to prom night with boys!! It was fun. There were lots of sparkly dresses, fancy shoes, and over-the-top hairdos. Carolyn liked the turquoise pageant gown. I liked the red 'gone with the wind' number.

Before going, they graciously presented us with a housewarming gift! A bag of cement with which to plant our footprints in Idaho -- and presumably our own names at our house -- and a bottle of Idaho wine to enjoy while engaging in this activity. [For fans of The Office -- I tried to get my husband to do a faceprint in wet cement, but I think that won't happen.]



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