Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kansas: Good Times, Great Food, Fabulous Company!

Our wee vacation to Kansas and parts of Missouri was simply lovely! It was wonderful to see Chris and Kristin! The Arnold Estate is beyond comfortable, and we were able to achieve the perfect balance between seeing the sights and vegging out on the back deck. We saw some great lightening storms, but were spared any real "tornadic" activity. The Kansas City metropolitan area was larger than my husband imagined, but it didn't seem to have changed much since I was there nearly two years ago...except during my first visit the homes behind the Arnold Estate were not yet built. I was able to do the bulk of my homework ahead of time (thank heavens for a non-team-oriented class!) and just check in online a couple of time. So nice to get away!

Enjoying cocktail hour on the fabulous Arnold deck.

The cool panorama I took of Kansas City from the Liberty Memorial.

Ever since that first trip to the Grand Canyon ("Seven states in seven days!") whenever we are on vacation we take a picture together...OK, my husband takes it with his really long arm.


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