Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's Curtains For...Us!

OK, so, what to do with all these fabulous new windows? Dress 'em up, of course! After the man of the house hung the rod.
All weekend we vied for control of the tools table. I think I won.
I love love love my sewing machine. It was a Christmas gift from my husband before he was my husband. Near as we could 'member. Partially because it's awesome, partially because it will sew letters. In two fonts. This is the inner "sheer," or "hanky curtain," as we have labeled them. Not an easy fabric to work with.
It feels like I never use my sewing machine, but after pulling all these multi-colored bobbins out, I must sew something. That mustard color on the end is perfect for shortening Levi's. For those of us who ain't as tall as the rest of ye.
The dining room will get this champagne, or pearl colored silk. Lookin' kinda gold here.
The living room gets these bright red silk numbers. They pull that red out of the furniture beautifully!
Because of the dark color and the light behind, i've been having lots of trouble shooting my work. I love the hankies! From inside they feel reserved and Victorian. From outside they feel a little like the house is wearing fishnet stockings. ;)


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