Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sister Visit!

My sweet sister graciously took time out of her busy schedule to come visit! And the weather complied! We traveled at bit, but also just wandered around, gabbed, dined, and had craft hour: crocheting for sister, beading for me. And we generally drove my husband crazy with our "sisterspeak," a term that has come to refer to the way we talk to each other. Too fast, too referential, and often at a pitch only dogs can hear.
The three of us wandered downtown. Luckily there are rest benches for those who need less time to peruse new hairbands.
We had our faves! Spicy lamb grinders! Note: This is not an actual photo of our lunch, but an artist's representation of the event.

Sister thought I was saying "Spicy lemon grinders." OK, maybe I do talk a little fast on occasion. ;)
We stopped at a garage sale where sister put this stuffed animal hat on her melon. Sort of a Royal Order of Pink Water Buffaloes thing. In looking at the pix I kind of wish we'd bought it...
Sister about to scale Camel's Back.
The Camel has been conquered!


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OMG...totally look like Mom here!!

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