Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So! A while back we bought into some portion of a cow. And as you know, if we were not intended to eat cows, they would not have been made of delicious steak. However... a small part of them is made of liver. I can handle a small amount of liver, but I'm not a huge fan.

The Wilsons also had a slab of liver with which they needed to do something. Rumors abounded about the one meal that registered as tasty: Leberknödelsuppe. Bavarian liver dumpling soup.
So I'm game. Anything "dumplinged" is better than it was in its original state. And seriously, what was I gonna do with a three and a half pound slab of liver... SO! I donned the nearest thing I could find to "liver grinding" attire.
Combined with the Wilsons 2.5 pounds, we were up to 5 freakin' pounds o organ meats. First, it was sliced into smaller pieces...
Next, grinding up the pieces. It was just a wee-bit "Fargo."

Bread, eggs, onions, garlic, parsley, marjoram... the more stuff, the better!
The final product! Liverfest is a little like tuna canning...or deer carving... You aren't likely to try your creation for MONTHS afterward.

Brew wouldn't have minded testing one or two dumplings...
I'll report back on the success of Liverfest 2010!!


Marie said...

Okay, so all I can say is...YUCK!!! I don't even want to know how it tasted. I used to like liver when I was a little kid, but now I completely abhor it.

Anonymous said...

Hey looks pretty tasty to me! To bad Boise is not just around the riverbend otherwise we might just come over for the real test! LOL

Todd & Rita said...

Ooops, anonymous would be the Wenatchee folks. But I think I would prefer the liver steak/onions instead of Rita's choice.

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