Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Roadtrip to McCall!

Sister and I piled into the Cooper for a one-night trip to McCall for some sightseeing and change of scenery!
See? The artist's representation was almost spot-on.
On the road up there were huge globs of melting snow that looked like glaciers.
And our fare for Quiet Magazine Time was plentiful. It's good to have goals: I read every one that sister brought.
Payette Lake is still covered in snow. But was simply lovely.
We dined out. The croquetas were amazing. I call this series "Animated Sister and the Creepy Tooth-picker Behind Her Who Wants to Put His Mother in a Home Because He's Tired of Shelling Out $1,000 a Month to Her and He's 'Not Scared of Her'." I bet he kinda is. Click for a close-up.


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