Sunday, March 7, 2010

The New Hanging of the Doors!

First up, more mud on the sheetrock, please. Barely a day goes by lately where my husband doesn't slap some mud up somewhere.
If it don't fit exactly, just wham on it a little. It'll fit.
The first door is almost up! We prefer Johnson Hardware, from Elkhart, Indiana. I know there's a punchline in there somewhere. I took the brass door "pulls" they gave us and made them into tiny hats for our blue men art.
After a slight problem, both doors are almost up! Luckily I saved the day! I test very high for mechanical intelligence. ;) No really, I do! Plus, I love it when the pencil goes behind the ear.
OK, disregard the complete and utter mess... and the crappy leftover curtain ahead. The doors! Look at the doors! They are amazing!! I love them! One day soon I'll actually pull the plastic wrap off them too! :)


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