Monday, April 12, 2010


Not a lot going on these days... what with my final weeks of schooling and all.... nope... it's tumbleweeds around here... literally. Heh! I actually love tumbleweeds. For a long time I didn't know they were real.
Been doing lots of research online. It's slow going. Every now and then I run across some noggin-scratcher. In one of my academic journal databases I ran across this article: "How a Crayfish Party Turned a Swedish Minister Into a Poodle: Visualizing Political Scandal." I strive to select such a colorful title for my work.
My tiny red research assistant tinkers out pretty early these days. Lure of the couch in our office and all.

A funny little analog vending machine was installed in the lunchroom at work, the old-school kind that takes quarters only. A recent vend yielded this. Providence! Go Ducks!


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