Monday, April 12, 2010

Disco Dancing!

We did have a fun item on the docket recently: a fancy disco birthday party! And there was cake...! Tasty little bakery-crafted coconut cakes... and delicious husband-crafted chocolate cakes.

There was nail painting! A gift of what I think was "Absolutely Alice," a glitter OPI number inspired by the Wonderland movie that we all tried out.
And there was disco dancing! In the living room! The kids there loved it! When I was wee and it would rain on spring break at the ol' beach house, we were entertained by a box of sand brought in and dumped on the floor so we could build sand castles. Inside. Where it was dry. By the warm wood stove. And after we had all the sand castles we could build, just swept it out the door! So awesome! I think turning your living room into a disco and allowing inside sand castle building are just about the best uses of a living room I can think of.
Happy birthday, Paula!! :)


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