Sunday, April 4, 2010

Impromptu Visits: The In-laws!

Art and Carolyn had a hankerin' for a little Idaho-y goodness, so hopped in their truck and were here...the next day! Gotta love that impetuous nature!

I'd like to tell you these two were admiring those gorgeous curtains, the luxurious sheers, or the glorious window craftsmanship...but they probably were looking at a dumb bird. ;)

When they called we said, "we're headin' up to Stanely, but you are welcome to come too!" So I called and got 'em their own cabin, and off we all went! On the way up I came down with some horrid malady that left me nauseous and mostly asleep for three days straight. Nice.
But you can't ask for a better view from your sickbed. View of the Sawtooths from our cabin deck. Click for the full effect.
Did you catch that? View. From our deck. The Salmon River. Simply stupendous. And about 14 degrees and sunny!
The retirees were up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise. Hmph. Retirees with their blasted wealth of sleep and free time. Hmph!
Fourteen degrees is too chilly for tiny wiener dog foots. Hope she enjoyed the big bed..."vacation" is the only time she's allowed on one. And who wouldn't prefer the comfort of Auntie Poo's delicate handiwork upon which to rest their melon?


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