Thursday, April 29, 2010

Special Borrower

Feeling pretty good about yourself these days? About to complete a major milestone goal? Downloaded some of that music all the kids been talkin' about? Got carded a lot recently, and not just by whippersnappers?

Yeah. Me too. Well, if you're looking for a remedy to that, head on over to your nearest college library. OK, first you have to find it. I find wandering around campus for 20 minutes helps. Hopefully they have little to no signage. Once inside, hopefully the little punk behind the circulation counter will be of NO assistance at all.

Next, bumble around at three different computers until you learn you don't have computer access on your "special borrower" card. Hopefully, after four or five trips to both the circulation and reference desks you will secure the TWO books you are allowed to check out on your "special borrower" card. Special.

On the way out, catch a glimpse of yourself in the window. Pearls? Really? Did you really wear PEARLS? Super cute at your geeky editorial desk job with that green wool sweater.

Nine-thirty at night at the BSU library? Not so much. Follow these easy steps, and you too can feel about a billion years old!


M-I-L said...

well, yeah, but remember that tiny two-point scrabble game?
Ya winsome, ya loosome, yamaze me,
and I don't get carded and used to be smart, (or so I thought...)
In fact last night an old guy in a wheel chair on Alberta street thought I'd probably been "appreciatin' poetry" as long as he had. (maybe his poetry was sweet but his politics lacked finesse) I shouldn't have given him my two bucks!!
Keep up the good work; we're rootin for you on the homestretch!

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