Sunday, April 18, 2010

Front Door: Day 78

Upon returning from fishing, my husband graciously allowed me to continue to work, while he ran the weed-eater around the Chicken Ranch. Luckily it's heavily xeriscaped, so there's not a lot of work to be done. But there is a little gravel. Remember our beautiful front door?
Yeaaaaaaah. So did the weed-eater.
Of the three panes, only the outside one broke. But boy did it break.
And break... and break... it continued to spiderweb and crackle for about 30 minutes.
Yeaaaaaaah. It's pretty awesome. Now our lovely door has a hillbilly combination of shipping and athletic tape on it to keep it from tumbling down on the neighbor boys' heads when they come ask for the ball they just tossed over the fence... which they do about three times a day....

Yeaaaaaaah. Just waiting for the quote from Home Depot. Yeaaaaah.


Marie said...

Oh man!! So sorry to hear that. These photos are pretty damn cool though...

Mom said...

Ohhhh, poor door....poor Jon.

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