Thursday, August 26, 2010

Best Ant Picture EVER.

We spied these deer from our camp. OK, we heard them from our camp...splashing around in the water! They were apparently bedded-down behind our camp. And came and went from there all weekend!

I'm really loving the big zoom on my new camera. This one is called, "Bumble on Ice Chest." He's so furry!

Is this not the best ant picture ever? OK, I'm not sure how many ant pictures you have collected, but this one has to be in the top. I'm pretty sure he's smiling at me!! Click to check out his grin!

This is the seam on the leg of my Levi's. I think the amount of detail in the pic is amazing.

This fellow's for you, sister!! Isn't he interesting!?! He was actually shot on the railing at home. I expect him to don a top hat, and cane and start singing to me. I promise not to put him down your shirt, sister. >:)


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