Monday, April 25, 2011

FFF: Scuba Instruction!

Way back in Mexico, oh so many months ago, 6 or so, we were in for some scuba diving. The other ladies were up for another spa day, but I was with the scuba contingent. This was Anders, our instructor and guide from Denmark!

My husband felt confident in his skill set. CR had taken a refresher course back in Kansas. I needed a refresher, as it had been over 10 years since my last dive. Tim had never been diving, so he was allowed to come along on a "Discover Scuba!" contingent.
Basically that meant, "You don't need a dive card."

So we were set up together for a refresher/education course in the pool with Anders!

I swear getting all the pieces and tools together in order is more complicated than actually being underwater.

We got a bunch of instruction, passed some tests, and got comfy underwater.

But then, after dropping our regulators and clearing our masks, we were cleared as a foursome for an afternoon of diving!


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