Monday, April 25, 2011

FFF: Playa del Carmen

For our diving adventure, we went into Playa del Carmen, which looked much more like a tourist town than the rough-edged Tulum.

Tim and I after our dives!

O. M. G. Unlike a driver's license, a scuba certification never really expires. There was a moment when the girl behind the counter was kinda like, "Uh...uhm...oh...well, OK." At least mine doesn't look like it was actually typed on an Underwood. (I was going to make a joke here about Sara and Kathryn: [likely my youngest readers] that's a typewriter...but since they both work in publications, they are probably up to speed on that antique lingo... ;)

Gettin' our paperwork checked out.

CR getting Anders to fill out his dive log. And also making sure he isn't machine-gunned from behind. I love that kind of commitment to recordkeeping. Plus this tiny gato played with me for a while.

Just kickin' it on the streets of Playa del Carmen for a bit! :)


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