Monday, April 25, 2011

FFF: Under the Sea, Under the Sea...

I tell ya, they have made great strides in disposable underwater photography. We did a lot of aqua shooting during our Hawaii days, but we owned a waterproof camera. Disposables were horrible. No longer true! You can even see how my pink mask matches my pink snorkel! What you can't see is that after 13 years, I think I need a new mask!

My husband "hanging loose."

As my husband said, "New stationery design for Christopher Robin's dive log." I love it!

Tim... using hand signals not actually indicating his awesomeness, but telling his partner (me) that he needs to ascend. He was a Discover Scuba! partner, so we let it slide... especially as I did this like 20 times my own self.

Christopher Robin exhibiting perfect form and neutral buoyancy. I would expect no less.

Tim swims with the fishes.


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